class pandas_visual_analysis.layout.AnalysisLayout(layout, row_height, data_source, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

The AnalysisLayout class determines which widgets should be displayed in the analysis and defines their position and size.

  • layout (Union[str, List[List[str]]]) – Layout specification name or explicit definition of widget names in rows.

  • row_height (Union[int, List[int]]) – Height in pixels each row should have. If given an integer, each row has the height specified by that value, if given a list of integers, each value in the list specifies the height of the corresponding row.

  • data_source (DataSource) – The pandas_visual_analysis.data_source.DataSource object passed to the widgets in that layout.


Generates widgets from layout and returns the root widget for this layout. Rows are in a VBox while plots in the rows are in HBox widgets.

Return type